[dead letters] 12 dec 2000

[Black ballpoint pen, cursive, on a page torn from a college-ruled spiral-bound notebook. Heavily smeared with graphite from pencil on opposite page.]

Dear Friend,

I am truly “higher than a kite can fly” because of a morning visit from a certain sweetie… yep, I’m truly in (as yet unrequited) love. Spanky sent me a survey last night while I was crying for no apparent reason, during Sarah McLachlan’s song “I Love You”. One of the questions was “Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry?” Of course, it dawned on me then why I’d been feeling off lately… a fact too obvious for words. Gods bless it, if I keep thinking of it, I shall begin crying again. That’s not a good thing…

I talked to Katie Giuliano, who sits next to me in French, and she says he must like me at least a little, elsewise he’d not have the guts to come and associate with freshman scum like moi.* I know, I’ve got to look in the mirror and say “I am the scum that floats to the top of the pond!!!” Jesse’s friends give him heck, you know that? No wonder I completely adore him. He likes me well enough to put up with all that. I don’t remember anyone else ever doing that.

We ate lunch together, just the two of us and Sarah C. She’s a good (quiet) third wheel. Did you know that he’s been in an earthquake before? He seems to like Twix just as much as I do.** He’s got a dentist appointment tomorrow. He might just go home after it, but if he comes back he’ll be in lunch with us. I can’t wait.

Jeannine’s being a wench today but I’m too happy to dwell on that.

Kate =^..^= from one of the “jail cells”

* Yes, she was also freshman scum. I think I’m paraphrasing her very liberally…
** Twoo wuv.


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