[dead letters] 15 dec 2000

[Black ink, cursive, on college-ruled spiral-bound notebook paper torn from notebook.]

Dear Friend,

I am either very stupid, very lucky, very brave, or all three and then some! I went for it, dearest amigo. I can’t believe it but indeed, I did. [well, let’s not beat around the bush, say the voices, and Kate quite agrees.]

Yesterday I told Jesse how I feel about him. I told him that he probably wouldn’t like the answer he got and he immediately assumed the worst. Silly boy. So began my happiest 24 hours in the longest time.

Do you think me silly for being so obsessive about a single person? Please don’t. Understand, nobody has ever been quite so nice before. Ah well.

“Welcome to the great white North!”

Kate =^..^=

12:22 pm

I am, plain and simple.

I had a wonderful fifth set. I finished my lab, hurried up to the computer lab, typed up my DBQ questions, and spent the remaining beautiful 40 minutes with Jesse. And guess what? He asked me out! Of course I said yes. We’re going to see “Meet the Parents” on Sunday. I can’t wait.

He thought I’d actually refuse to go out with him? Can you believe it? Goddess bless!

He’s an excellent writer. He likes the Foo Fighters. His birthday is August 19.

“Je suis amoreuse…”

Kate =^..^=


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