[dead letters] 19 dec 2000

[Black ballpoint pen on page torn from college-ruled spiral notebook.]

Dear Friend,

He does like me! Jeannine is a filthy liar! I swear, the next time I catch her meddling in MY love life… [makes threatening face] Oh, if I haven’t said it before, I love him, truly I do. According to Sushi, I’ve become half of his conversation – “it used to be military and revenge, now it’s Kate, military, and revenge,” he said. Ah, mi amor, how I wish I could see you again soon! Perhaps he’ll be there at lunch. I bought a new “Last Strawberry” lip gloss from the Body Shop. [stops to apply lip gloss again] Wonder if he’ll mind giving me an early, unbelievably cheap Solstice present?

(Note to self: buy Mistletoe)

I am Ally McBeal no more!!!

I wonder which car is his in the lot? I know he drove today, having missed the bus by 5 min. I’m pretty sure it’s the green SUV just kitty corner from the unmarked white van.

(Oh my goddess… an unmarked white van!)

(I just lost 3 min on Sunday night!)

New project for 2000: “1001 Daydreams”, to be written during classes. I wonder what they’ll be like? More importantly, will I be able to publish ’em?

yours in-sanity, Kate =^..^=

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