[dead letters] 21 dec 2000

[Blue ballpoint pen on page torn from college-ruled spiral notebook.]

Dear Friend,

Happy Solstice, amigo! Today is promising to be beautiful. Last night, Jesse wrote me two notes. I gave him his second gift and he liked it. He agrees with me that Jeannine is probably acting out of jealousy. We’ll set her straight today at lunch. After all, she can’t go around calling my bf evil! “C’est pas juste,” as Madame Nye would likely say.

I wonder if he’s upstairs now?

12:30 pm Lunch has come and gone. I nearly taught Jeannine a lesson, but she would not follow my lead and so all was lost again. He has simply been a sweedie to me, hm? I am too blissed out to write much more…

2:20 pm I didn’t get to be a tutor. Those f*#@ing rich preppy brats who really don’t need the $100 got the job instead. I NEEDED the cash!!! Damn it, I’m poor! I can’t even afford Christmas gifts for my own parents! I don’t know what possessed Mrs. Wiegand (especially since I got my slip in 1st!) And it hurts that I come out last. As always.

This being Solstice, I’m going visiting.

=^..^= Kate

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