(Not much of a subject at all)

Yeah, baby. School. Tomorrow. Be still my beating heart. So let’s sort out where I’ll be when, eh?

Tuesdays and Thursdays look just the same:

9.30-10.50: College Algebra (MTH 165 020), 9A-109

11-12.20: Fundamentals of Acting (SPT 112 003), 4-145

12.30-1.50: Honors Seminar in Critical Analysis (IDC 195 002), 6-411

2-3.20: Elementary Arabic I (ARA 101 002), 6-333

Fridays, I’ve exactly one class:

1-2.50: Stress Management (PEC 253 016), 10-143

And the online course is, of course, online:

Career Development and Life Planning (CDL 100 SL1)

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