More plotty ponderings.

— Adrian sets Evelyn essays and experiments, with which the Wyrd Sisters (a trio of very special students) help. Her work goes into his office and doesn’t come out again. Adrian disappears for days on end, and Evelyn is left covering his classes. Every time he goes, he takes a black briefcase with him. Why? she wonders. Answer to everything: he’s taking her work into New York City, where she’s being evaluated for a Master’s Degree by a panel of bigwigs. Based on her work and her teaching, they will grant her that degree at the end of this book. It’ll be a lovely surprise, and since the characters are already in their thirties, they’ll want to be getting on with their lives, won’t they?

— Sometime between the islands and the Haven, Adrian is going to have to explain that he is Dr. Selwyn, not just Professor. He went to school for biochemistry and covers summer courses when he’s asked. He is not full-time and tenured at a uni because he had a bit of a breakdown following his mother’s death. He worked for a corporation until it went kablooey; he then spent time at Offbeat Films and would have contracted with them as an editor and tech consultant had Bill Bonham not invited him for tea at the Haven. Dear old Bill. ❤

— I have to rewrite the whole Offbeat introductory sequence. Evelyn's not as broken as I originally wrote her. I want her to meet Alicia, because as fun as Naomi and Sophie are, they don't fit well enough with the rest of the story to be so significant so early on. Gilly and Tomi will be there as well, being their queeny gossipy selves, and maybe Bill will drop by for a visit.

— I'm so close to 20,000 words I can taste it.

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