Look up and breathe

Six annotated bibliography entries due tomorrow morning. Me and good ol’ Keith will see them done.

Came so close to losing a loved one, and I never would’ve known. This scares me.

Mild head cold. Could not stop sneezing earlier. Headache, too; then again, have always been sensitive to rising air pressure. Perhaps when the low hits, the headache will go away.

Have not read nearly enough of my flist these past few days.

Tullamore on Sat. 17 Mar. May actually get first taste of green beer. Don’t know if I’ll like beer. Never was much for the smell. Maybe they’ll have some other beverage. G. recommends a Cosmo — do those come in green?

I never realised that the theme to “Supersize Me” was “Fat-Bottomed Girls” (by Vaughan Williams, vocals by F. Mercury?) — am tickled.

Cracking down on the to-do list; must dash. Love to all.

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