annotated at a disadvantage

Windows Vista bites. Everything has broken on that m-fing computer at once. Now I’m stuck down here on the desktop, which bites double because I want so very badly to be upstairs, not bothered by anyone, free to drift off to sleep if I need to–and I need to. I am tired of blue screens, self-installing horseshit, and above all changing what works when it works just fine, ahem, hopeless fucking tinkerer who theoretically sired me.

Same song, different decade. You will eventually get Windows 7, which is awesome, and Windows 10, which will take some getting-used-to, but ultimately? Yeah, you’ll love it. I know you will.

I HATE THIS. Why we didn’t just fix my old laptop, I’ll never know. At least IT WORKED.

Some Christmas coming, you’ll realize that you need to cool your poor computer. From where I sit, you will also come to appreciate monthly defrag sessions.

Sore throat still sore. It’s not strep. It’s not candida. All I can do is wait it out — it and the fevers, the nightmares, the aches, the general sense of this-is-nuts, shall I go on?

Wait ’til the fibrotigue hits.


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