O great Goddess from whom all blessings flow:

The boon I ask this Beltane day is not love, wealth, fame, or glory. I ask only for my family, whole and hale, for years and years to come. Give us as long as you can, cutter of threads. Our tapestries hang unfinished. Walk us into the light together. We will be candles in each other’s dark times.

I promise my strength, my intelligence, and my heart to you; I do not give them lightly. I put them in your hands that you may use them to shape me into the woman I must become, the protector, the sage, the lover. Make me the daughter and the mother. Make me a keeper of your lore. I will watch the ways your world moves and weave tapestries of my own, if you will guide my hands.

May the hunt be wild
the womb be fruitful
and the honey be sweet.

Hail to thee
and blessed be
until we meet again!


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