Battlestar Galactica recap

[Still no recollection of episode name.]

Sam, sweetie, you just went straight off the deep end into the Lagoon of Crazy. No, shooting Gaeta in the foot will not help Kara’s cause, thanks, although the resulting sanity from Kara does.

…did I say sanity? Kara’s taking a raptor, Leoben, and her crazy Cylon husband back to a basestar? Well, shit. No better way to redeem yourself than offering your life for your cause, I guess.

And as usual, ♥ x 100000 for Helo.

Opening. Commercials. Boring. Back!

Wow. Roslin is letting it all hang out sans wig. I think the drugs are getting to her, because she just put Tory in charge.

Yay! Lots and lots of Kara here! Also, Athena being awesome: “Keep him the frak away from me.” Kara has a beautiful fangirl in the form of… good gods. Racetrack? Am I getting my BSG mixed up with my Newsies? And Leoben’s weirding everyone out as per usual.

Gaeta, in serious pain. Poor baby. *snuggles him* This moment is just loaded with “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Also, Gaeta’s scared he’s going to lose his leg. Poor, poor baby.

Kara? No offense, honey, but you need a bath. The voices are back, and this time people are okay with that. Mostly. Athena asks if she knows what she’s doing — and then it’s all there. “The comet… it’s the ship! This is what I was meant to see.” Kara’s cracked-out visions for the win.


Oooooh, dear. Kara’s got a nasty gash on her head. When it heals up, she’s going to look smashing. Athena inspects the ship so intently that she doesn’t notice the other Eights until they’re right… frakking… there. She is made of win today.

Roslin meets another patient, one of Baltar’s fans. “Who the frak do you think you are?” Uh, the President, that’s who.

Six isn’t too happy with Kara wanting to see the Hybrid. (I feel like that needs to be capitalized.) Nor does she appreciate Athena’s solution to the baseship’s inability to jump.

Hey, Sam! Your programming is showing.

Ooh, Six is jealous of Kara’s fangirl! Uh, Six? Humans don’t regen… shit. This is trouble. Which, credit where credit’s due, Kara’s trying to neutralize (instead of jumping in the middle). Funny how the Cylons are all “d00d, she just killed one of us” and Kara’s all “jesus, just suck it up!”

Kiss me, kill me…

Back in sickbay, what’s-her-pants gives Roslin a scarf. It’s beautiful. “What color are you hoping for, when it grows back in?” — “I was thinking blue, maybe royal blue…” Cutest exchange ever. Lord, what a last tableau: one patient shares the reality of life during treatment with another, just by the feel of a lock of hair. Makes me shiver.


Hello, Madam Hybrid. Or, “I’m here. You wanted me here.”

The unnamed patient totally voted for Roslin. Awesome. And then she saw heaven, and shit changed for her. Now, I understand why Kara would go days without bathing, but this lady, Emily, surely Cottle could stop and wash some of the grime from her skin?

Hee. Baltar the accidental prophet. “Maybe he stumbled onto something.”

I’m liking the way the Hybrid’s tales interweave with the status of the ship. “The obstinate toy soldier becomes pliant.”

Oh! Right. The clock. Kara, hurry your ass up.

Good. Hurrying is happening. And Kara’s still confused. So they’re unplugging the Hybrid, and she HOWLS. “The dying leader will know the truth of the opera house.” Good thing the rest of it makes sense, although Kara seriously wishes it didn’t, because “You will be the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace” is never a comfort.

Meanwhile, Roslin and Emily debate theology. No comment. Just grief for Roslin and her mother, because that’s a sorry way to go. That’s horrible. But: “You can’t possibly know what your mother experienced.” Emily, you rock. And now you choke. This is not a happy day for anyone, is it?


Kara’s thousand-yard stare is kind of freaking everybody out. Also, one of the Eights is dying. Oh, look, Kara’s back, and now the missing models hold the key to Earth, and… we have to find D’Anna. Ha, good luck. Sam, now would be a great time to ‘fess up.

This is one jolly good hallucination. Either that, or Roslin is somehow reaping Emily, watching her run into the light with her family and friends. It’s therapeutic for Roslin, because she sees her mother. Then she knows it’s not quite time. Then she understands.

Then she wakes to the sound of the Baltar News Network — and Emily has died in the night.

Crap, crap, a minute to go. Hurry UP, Kara. Aw, man, Gaeta’s leg…

Kara’s late, so Helo’s gotta go — and then it gets back. Yay! It’s Athena on the comm! Baseship taken. “Mission accomplished.” I hope this one isn’t five years premature — oh, I’ve said too much already.

Roslin and Adama confab. Roslin just got converted, and she needs to tell Adama what the frak just happened. Adama, in turn, feels guilty as frak that he let his babies go haring off on their own adventures. Roslin insists that she’ll survive until the series finale — um, until they find Earth.

NEXT EPISODE: Hera draws some Sixes and Athena draws her gun. As usual, “all will be revealed”.


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