I guess we all have opinions.

I’m… a little miffed, to be honest, at what the writers did to Ziva David, and it goes pretty deep inside me. It’s not rational, so if you like rational, please don’t bother to read. This is my emotional reaction.

I love how they went and retconned Ziva killing Ari into another of her daddy’s whims. Because it’s not okay for Vance and Eli to be evil fuckers, but Ziva? Sure, we’ll throw her to the wolves.

And while we’re at it, I don’t care for the whole strong-woman-gets-taken-and-mauled storyline they’re setting up. Goddamn, can’t they give us a heroine who isn’t punished for being WOMAN? Because that’s what it fucking well feels like. Because I finally see myself in a woman on television — fuck the Desperate Housewives, Ziva with her independent (read: mulish) streak and her twin senses of honour and duty, that’s MY reality, just like Starbuck and her fucked-up family dynamic were MY reality and then they killed her, too.

I am sick and fucking tired of the women who look like me, mentally speaking, turning up battered and bruised, probably so some man can pick ’em up and put ’em back together, or else they don’t turn back up at ALL.

I mean, I might enjoy Grey’s Anatomy, soapy as it is, but the only one who comes close to resonating is Cristina Yang, who was consistently screwed by the writers in terms of a personal life for, oh, the whole series to date. (And now she’s the only one brave enough to take on a real relationship challenge. Let’s face it, Owen and his PTSD are far more compelling than McDreamy and his emoness.)

I relate to Ziva. Her father’s a bit of a bastard, she’s got no women left in her life except maybe Abby, she bucks traditions left and right, and if she’s in love, well, that’s got to fit in with her morals, not the other way ’round. I like Abby, too, for the record; she’s an unrepentant oddball with very few inhibitions and a great big heart. So it pisses me off that she’s been shot at, and now Ziva’s been beaten all to hell.

So I’m irritated in a huge way for what feels like no apparent reason. Maybe I’m just PMSing. I give up. I’m just so tired of getting attached to characters that get screwed.


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