It was worth it!

Mild indigestion just now, but you know, I got it from eating too much brownie batter and following that with Pepsi. These are two of my once-a-month treats, not for weight reasons or any such silliness (trust me, it’s silliness when your BMI sits around 17.5) — it’s a treat because I only get along with that combination when I’m pre- or actually menstrual. Yay?

Hey, I got some brownies baked in the process.

Tomorrow, I and my picnic basket will hie ourselves out to Mt. Hope Cemetery, to a fountain — God, I hope it’s the only fountain in the place, because I will be wearing clunky boots under a very long skirt. I swear I didn’t see the “No Gifts” sign until tonight, after I had already bought presents! So I’m going to give them discreetly, having slipped said gifts in with the birthday cards.

Gift cards may seem impersonal to you, but I think about what my friends can actually use when I go that route. Instead of trying to get inside their heads, I make sure they have leeway for when they want something they hadn’t budgeted for. That’s how I use the cards I get, anyway!

…I may be an oddball. No, I certainly am an oddball. But I am an oddball who cares.


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