Little thoughts on a Sunday:

More Maria
Oh, God. Helena made me like a Barbra Streisand song. (Woman in Love) I must have the original version of “See The Day” — not the Girls Aloud — and oh, how difficult this will be. Uh-oh. David Ian acting opposite some of these girls gives me plotbunnies.

The lake, this weekend
I suggested to my parents that we go to Canandaigua Lake, and lo, we went. Amazing. The day was perfect for it, too; we couldn’t have picked a nicer Saturday. We got out of the car, walked around the pier area, walked down the beach — saw two wedding parties vying for the perfect photo spot — a real slice of life. I fall in love with Canandaigua all over again every time I go.

Tiny ones with claws
My baby one just now was having a nightmare. She thumped her tail three times in her sleep; I peered at her, picked up her tail, and dropped it. Repeat three times. When I went to pet her, she started awake with an angry little chitter. Once she realised it was me, she reverted to her usual affable, nay, sweet personality, giving me all kinds of licks and headbutts. If I don’t keep paying her attention, she’ll stick her claws into my thigh again. Yes, this is the one I’ve raised.


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