Dreams and a challenge

First: 365 days, 365 people. Less than a drabble’s worth of wordage. Hm. Do I even know that many people? (Have I known that many people?) The answer will probably surprise me. That, or I’ll resort to looking through my yearbooks.

Second: Last night, not only did I dream I was hired by Rachel Maddow, but she was my girlfriend and we were sharing Londo Mollari, who was apparently rather a demon in bed. Oh, dear. We also had this enormous apartment with orphans running ’round everywhere and monks living on the floor below. VERY WEIRD.

Third: If I said I’d mail it, I should mail it today.

Fourth: The Miriam story isn’t right. It’s too cliché, and the more I write Seth, the more out-of-character violence seems for him. The villain doesn’t come from within Miriam’s big plain family. I think the villain is her birth father, who abandoned her mother Sharon and is, in fact, even stricter. He’s the link to the cult-place. I’m sure of it now. Seth and Sharon were plain, but living in the world still; it’s the birth father who took it to an extreme and went to join a compound. Okay.

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