Dear Evan Bayh: are you serious? The Democrats do not just have to “learn to negotiate”. In fact, I’d say negotiation is why we’re in this health care mess in the first place! Of course, your resignation sort of forces that hand, doesn’t it? So I suppose America won’t see an effective public health care plan in the next few years, after all.

I’ll be sure to keep you apprised of my mounting health care costs. Would you prefer a newsletter or merely a note on perfumed stationery?

Dear prudish pundits: for fuck’s sake, leave the women of the new Sports Illustrated spread ALONE. I don’t see them as selling sex so much as showing off well-toned, beautiful figures. Given how quickly the fashion world would rush to condemn them if they set foot on a catwalk, perhaps we should all be applauding Sports Illustrated for its appreciation of truly healthy women.

And to a certain P.A.D.: if you do not believe ableism exists, I will be happy to share why I am unemployed.


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