Hey, ladies! (er, and gentlemen, too)

Longtime readers of this journal (especially the ones who came over from my other account) might be wondering why I haven’t made a giant deal out of my upcoming birthday, like I’ve done every other year in recent memory. Let me assure you that I am, in fact, pretty darn excited to be turning twenty-four in a week! Time just got away from me, and other things have mattered more this month.

I may also have grown up enough not to act like a total kid about the event.

But the fact remains that March 9 marks a special day for me, and I tend to celebrate with about a hundred of my closest friends.

Coincidentally, so far this year we’ve had two major earthquakes hit in the Western Hemisphere, with major devastation to match. My favorite NGO, Doctors Without Borders, has stepped up to the plate both times, all while continuing the rest of its work around the world, and I happen to think that’s worth my support and yours.

Thus, I’m not asking for anything major this year, world. I mean, if you’ve bought me something, awesome, and I’ll still take it, but if you haven’t, maybe you could put the money towards a donation on my behalf, instead. Aside from being 100% tax-deductible, donations are also redeemable for love and hugs from the birthday girl, as well as the funniest thank-you e-cards I can find.

Mind you, if you’re struggling, please take care of yourself before you think of indulging me. I love you enough to want you to stay safe and warm.



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