link roundup

This Holy Wanting @ Quivering Daughters. It’s not limited to patriarchy, of course. Nor to women. But emotional abuse is a common tool of choice for those who feel the need to control and manipulate the ones within their care.

Life in Perfect @ Semper Eadem. Where the girls serve their fathers./And can always recite the words of the Botkin sisters.

Sex and the Off-Label Use of Our Bodies @ The Blowfish Blog. As Dan Savage once pointed out: Our noses weren’t “designed” for us to rest our glasses on — and nobody gets their knickers in a twist over that.

How to Discuss Race and Racism Without Acting Like a Complete Jerk @ fight_derailing @ Livejournal. a. “I don’t want to sound racist, but.” If you find yourself wanting to say this, the odds approach certainty that what you are going to say is racist. Don’t.

Red Family, Blue Family @ Lack-of-understanding is only about two aisles away from paranoia. If such unfathomable folks really were the majority now, what might they support next? Another war? Patriot Act II? Concentration camps?

♥ And because it’s both funny and relevant, Thessaly’s Butthurt Report Form (Internet Version).


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