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[reblogged from another of mine. jsyk.]

Richard Wolffe made rather a hilarious point on Countdown just now: Tea Party members call for smaller government, yet they support Medicare, Social Security, and… public schools.

Actually, that last is debatable.

If you look at fundamentalist Christian mothers, the trend is overwhelmingly to homeschool, to shelter their children from the evils of the public schools’ secular curriculum. Many have gone off the grid entirely regarding education, immersing their children in A Beka Books until it’s time — if it’s ever time — to go to college, at which point these parents choose religious colleges.

How do they expect their children to join the world at large? Girls aren’t expected to do so; generally, the goal is early marriage and the birth of a boatload of children a la Michelle Duggar. Speaking of the Duggars, they provide an example of what happens to boys: they grow up to be used car salesmen. All right, it’s not always that dire, but these families tend to favor small, homegrown business efforts. Women, married or not, are encouraged to learn crafting and cooking skills, on the grounds that they can help support their families in a feminine way, one that doesn’t take them from those families.

Of course, I don’t know how common these bloggers are; for all I know, they’re the royalty of fundamentalist Christianity. Still, for this particular subset of potential Tea Partiers, I’d say they really wouldn’t miss what the government has to offer. Maybe they should stop using it if they hate it all so much, huh?


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