Utterly precious.

I slept mostly naked last night, so on my waking, my Trixie decided to hop up and take advantage of skin time with Mommy. For all that she’s a full-grown cat, she is surprisingly small-child-esque; she needs cuddle time and attention like most cats just need a ribbon to play with. She’s also testing a lot more boundaries around her, things like “who are the shiny fluffy creatures outside?” (Answer: they are raccoons, baby girl, and they will hurt you if you upset them, so keep back.) Things like “ooh, tall naked man in Mommy’s bed. Let’s go cuddle with him, too!”

She is normally too terrified of anyone not part of this household to bother. Evidently, Darling is now part of this household. Hell, she used to see me two days out of every seven; why should this be any different for her?

And here she is, curled up on her side, making sure at least some part of her is touching her mama.


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