i love . . .

♥ darling man ♥ dreaming about darling man ♥ waking to the special ringtone I have set to darling man’s number and having a long conversation with him ♥ my TumblrPolyvore ♥ sites that let me express myself nonverbally in general ♥ technology that lets me talk at y’all for free ♥ the em tag and the strong tag ♥ my blue plastic toy policeman who stands an inch high and has a blue plastic doggie ♥ my vet, Dr Fish ♥ everyone at Perinton Veterinary, for that matter ♥ clean bills of health for the kitties ♥ knowing that in less than two months, I may have my doctor back ♥ the immense amount of trust and respect that goes into my relationship, to say nothing of the love ♥ Facebook games ♥ Second Life ♥ gambling in Second Life (low stakes only!) ♥ going to SL concerts (TOM SMITH YOU MUST PLAY FOR US) ♥ re-Morse (and re-Lewis) on PBS ♥ Lewis + Hathaway = love ♥ twisty love stories ♥ not-so-twisty love stories ♥ you ♥ you ♥ and you. ♥


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