A Good Indian Wife

A Good Indian Wife
Anne Cherian

NUTSHELL: This poor book is so confused, just like its protagonists. 3.

Hey! Don’t pick on the book! I suppose a book can’t help what it is — but its writer can, and its writer missed a few of the more obvious novel-writing lessons. Point-of-view changed so often I had whiplash by the third chapter. There’s no real sense of time, or place, for that matter. I wouldn’t have guessed it was still the nineteen-eighties for the characters if Cherian hadn’t mentioned that outright, and her San Francisco is a generic large city with place names pasted on. The narrative cuts off too abruptly at the end; if there’s going to be a sequel, for God’s sake leave us somewhere sensible.

Why’d you even bother with a 3? I liked Leila, the female protagonist. Neel’s a slimy so-and-so and Caroline (Caroleen, like the French) is a caricature of white trash. I finished the book for Leila and no-one else. Bypass this book like a blocked artery.


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