Gone visiting

And I’m not talking about me.

Mum and I went for ice cream, to soothe the canker sore up in the back of my mouth, right where the teeth come together on the left. The way we saw it, ice cream tasted better than medicine and would make me happier, too. I was in such high spirits when we got home that I suggested we go to the neighbor’s house; we had received two of their letters in our mail and wanted to rectify the error. While Mum fetched the letters, I gave Adalyne a cuddle and made sure she knew what a sweet girl she was.

So we trotted next door, where we three ladies — Auntie Pat, Mum, and I — sat and talked for a little while the way women will. Auntie Pat’s two dogs came up to say hello, of course. Oh, they’re so beautiful! Both of them are nice and big; one is blond, with lumps and bumps everywhere, and the other’s black like a grim but much nicer. All of a sudden, I saw this little grey shadow in the kitchen, one I knew did not belong there…

…because she had followed me over from my porch!

“Adalyne!” I cried, and got up to shoo her away from the dogs. Auntie Pat has a loose screen, you see, and Adalyne walked right in through the flap. This is the same cat who’ll follow me on my walks, much farther than a few driveways, so I don’t know why I was so shocked that she would turn cat burglar, so to speak. Wherever I go, she’s sure to tag along. She was anxious enough about the prospect, carrying her body low and slinky, but she slunk straight in and would probably have come running over to see me if I hadn’t caught her in the act.

I hustled her outside and tried to shut the door. Of course, she said plenty to me about the prospect of waiting outside, but I did my duty by her and made sure there were solid walls between my foolish girl and Pat’s dogs. We humans said our goodbyes; Pat had to do some last-minute shopping and Addy was waiting on the stoop! On the walk home, she would not let us out of her sight. She didn’t leave our side until we were well up the driveway. Even then, she kind of crept up behind.

No, Adalyne definitely isn’t holding any grudges over the vet visit.

We’re to go back next Thursday evening. We’ll make sure Adalyne stays indoors the whole time we’re there.


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