I really didn’t do much today.

And you know what? That’s all right.

Because I’m not a machine. I’m a woman. I’m a woman who is a little apprehensive about her first period since The Mangling, and the cramps were pretty impressive this afternoon. Ibuprofen helps; I definitely need to keep that stuff at a steady level in my bloodstream if I can.

I’m a woman who went out and bought a milkshake and two burgers when she had a craving. Lately, I’ve been staying in, more willing to accept that my knees limit me, but today, I was cranky enough to prioritize doing what I wanted, not what my knees wanted. Or my uterus. It worked out well; I drank the milkshake on my way home and ate a burger and a half while rewatching the Castle steampunk episode. Of course, I also nearly got killed by the stream of cars passing on the right–twice–what the shit, do they seriously think the shoulder is an extra optional lane or something? Especially that tow truck that was hauling the construction vehicle. Dude, not funny.

And now I am a woman who is going to have breakfast at night because I can.


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