Sick days

Yesterday was a total sick day. I spent most of it in bed, in pyjamas and my lovely fleece cape. ($10 at Walmart six years ago. Broke student chic.) I ate two sandwiches and regretted one of them. I then proceeded to forget that lesson and have three Girl Scout Cookies for dessert. Oops.

Things that make sick days better:

1) Laptops. Not having to get up and sit at a computer means you can stay connected even when you feel like elephant doo.

2) Warm drinks — of which there are none in the house that I’m going to risk (it’s a stomach ick) but: yum all the same.

3) Top Gear, and I do mean Original Flavor. Nobody does it better than Jeremy, James, and Richard.

4) Being reminded by your friends that “at least this isn’t Bastogne!” (Especially apropos when one is sick on Pearl Harbor Day. All my love to our veterans.) On a tangent, Band of Brothers during a stomach ick is generally not a great idea.

5) Looking at dresses for your friend’s June wedding… in December. 🙂 Top contenders at the moment are this gorgeous black and red number and this romantic pretty in shades of rose and lavender.

What makes you less miserable on a sick day?


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