I can eat again!

So I celebrated by making an old favorite treat: tomato soup with cheese grated in, and just a bit of dried minced onion to taste.

I never microwave this soup. I like it thick and a certain temperature, which means close monitoring, and I just can’t do that in the microwave. (Also, I’m still trying to figure out the new microwave. It’s twice as strong as the old one. The first pizza I tried to make in it was inedible…)

things I use

One smallish saucepan — 7″ across, 3″ deep, that’ll do it
One unit tomato soup-inna-can
One longish-handled soup spoon (hey, this is soup for one; I can stir with my eating utensil)
Enough cheddar to fill my cupped palms or, conveniently, a little glass bowl
A slightly larger bowl
Dried minced onion, usually out of a shaker, found in your average seasoning aisle at the supermarket
— oh, and a stove is handy, too, unless you’ve got your fire pit all rigged up and ready to go. I think if I tried that method, something would catch (the soup, me, anything within twenty feet).

what I do (ymmv)

Pick a burner. Put the saucepan on top of it. Don’t turn it on yet!
Open the soup. Pour the soup into the pan. It will usually tell you to cut it with a whole can of water; I only use half, because like I said, I prefer mine thick.
Now turn on the burner. Stir your soup; taste it to make sure you haven’t burned it.
You’re probably good to go when it’s really, really hot and you start seeing darker red swirls in the soup. I never heat it any further. You can if you want, though.
Take the saucepan off the burner and turn off the stove. (Really important step, that.)
Pour your soup into your slightly larger bowl. If you are environmentally conscious, feel free to eat from the saucepan; less dishes to do, I guess.
Grate up some cheddar and pop that into your smaller bowl — or onto a napkin, wherever. I like to sprinkle my cheese in as I eat, lest it turn into a big yellow blob and sink to the bottom of the soup. Yuck.
That onion is going to go a long way, so go easy on it, eh? You want to be able to stand your own breath after.

Usually this just serves one. I suppose, if you were dieting or something equally unpleasant, you might share it.


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