[daily whatnot] 10 Dec 2010


International Human Rights Day 2010. Go see what you can do to help.

quote of the day

“Inaction is a weapon of mass destruction.” — Faithless

speaking truth to power

Untangling the Assange case — h/t Jess. This is her friend Marian‘s brilliant work.

so here’s the thing, people: Cara @ The Curvature gets it, too. So does Shira, from whom I inadvertently nicked the “link soup” terminology — eek! But she really is quite smart about these things.

Late edition:

Jaclyn Friedman on, well, what we talk about when we talk about rape. (Victim-blaming: still NOT OKAY.)

read me

Unusual Historicals: beyond bodice rippers.

and now for something completely different

Dear Shadesong: ta for the earworm. 🙂


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