[daily whatnot] 15 Dec 2010


Yesterday was the first anniversary of the day New York State granted me a driver’s license. HUZZAH! ♥ It’s been a fantastic–and safe–year.

huh, yeah

So how come, in the United States, 27 is too young to know you’re childfree but plenty old enough to have borne a handful (a quiverful?) of kids? Let me tell you, internets, the second I find a sympathetic OB/GYN, I am having them cut and sear my tubes shut. Taking no chances. I love my childbearing sisters, but I’ve no desire to become one of them, and shall have no regrets.

Also, people who read TIME? Apparently you chose this dirtbag as your Person of the Year. Thank God for the editors, who disagreed.

other, perhaps less controversial, opinions

Elia from Top Chef is so hot bald. Seriously, I can’t do the look, but there’s something about her with that (lack of) hair. See also Zhaan and Evey.
♥ Let us not snub the men! A girl on a forum which shall remain nameless* has the. best. avatar of this bald guy in a Santa hat, shirtless, buff, raaaaaar. I believe he is meant to represent the dashing, honorable, if stick-in-the-muddish Lord Wyldon of Cavall. Ohhhh, can you say lust object? Clean-shaven bald dude with serious guns and serious integrity? Yeah. I’ll take one of those.


it’s funny ’cause it’s (not) true

Reynholm Industries. It’s probably even funnier if you’ve seen The IT Crowd.

and can I just say?

If you are all hormonal and do not want to be caught sniffling, please put down the Ingrid Michaelson and back away slowly.

…maybe that’s just me.


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