and the bible didn’t mention us

Scattered observations about the universe:

Treasure Madness is encouraging animal hoarding now — we can “collect” pets for the museum.

♥ My subconscious thinks I have many more close, personal man-friends than I do. (And that they have more in the way of family than they do.) Blame it on Twitter, where your favorite celebrity is a click away.

♥ My Scala/Kolacny Brothers cover of “Creep” has vanished into the ether… or else I never had one, and I’ve been listening to it on YouTube all along. Hey, that’s actually plausible.

♥ No, seriously, it’s weird to dream about TV crushes when your actual partner is sleeping next to you. (And by “you” I totally mean “me”.)

♥ Recurring nightmare/lingering fear: that my car will become non-operational in some major way, so I’m stuck walking everywhere. That, while driving, I will fuck up and do 65 in a 35 MPH zone. That my brakes will go in some totally minor way which causes me to get a ticket, thereby ruining my perfect record and sending my insurance payments way high.

♥ Of course, in those recurring nightmares, the world always looks the same. I recognize places from past dreams (“Oh, hey, I crashed a party there!”) and, while I’m aware that this world is not laid out like mine, I can still get where I’m going.

♥ Here, have some gratuitous Regina Spektor:

and the bible didn’t mention us…


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