♥ I’ve now seen two of the three “learning contracts” (course expectations documents) for next semester, Adolescent Development and Narrative Counseling. I could not be more excited. Flexibility! Manageable amounts of reading and writing! Communication with professor: encouraged!

Girl is razzle-dazzled about the prospect in a huge way.

♥ Cat catnapped with me on the medium couch by the tree. Addy saw me and walked over from her tiny couch (okay, her armchair), found that her bulk did not quite fit into the bit of sofa I had left over, and proceeded to settle into my arms instead. She put up with me clutching her like a teddy bear. Good girl.

♥ In case you’re wondering who slipped me the good crack, I have actually committed to positive entries for the holidays. Thus, I will not be posting a bitchy entry about “Outsourced” offending me in two minutes of viewing. You’re welcome. 🙂


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