daily whatnot 2 jan 2011

news of the world

Queensland flooding continues (h/t rm @ LJ)

in which we get editorial

Via, most recently, the incomparable Tamora Pierce: Nadya Suleman faces eviction unless she sells her soul agrees to work for Steve Hirsch. You know, porn king Steve Hirsch? Who has been after her for some time to, well, do porn for Vivid, but she wouldn’t for a million bucks, so I’m guessing she’s not too hot to trot now that she owes half that. Hirsch claims he’s only looking to employ her as a hostess — we’ll see how long that lasts.

For the record? I feel terrible for her. She made some choices I wouldn’t have; that doesn’t mean she deserves what she’s getting now. When you have even half that many kids, you need a big house, and half a million dollars is pretty reasonable in this housing market for a house the size she needs.


Tonight’s My Fair Wedding bride was totally sweet, especially when she burst into tears and told David Tutera she was donating her wedding gown because she wanted another woman to know his brand of generosity. Viva Joanne!

last but not least

Hey, happy 2011!


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