[daily whatnot] 10 Jan 2011


Two cats down, one to go! Repeating my plea for help for, well, now one kitty in Massachusetts.

did I miss birthdays?

Yes, I did! Happy belated birthdays to Rose and Nick T. May you both be blessed in this new year.

(Tangentially, I still cannot believe I will be twenty-five in two months. I didn’t think this was what twenty-five would look like, but hey, there were times when I didn’t think there’d be a twenty-five. So.)

something bright

Plus-size prettiness over at Ruche. Best part? It’s not skinny-girl stuff sized up — the styles really have been chosen to suit curvier body types. ROCK. I like this one for a friend of mine, actually. h/t simonejester @ LJ.

Seven tips for saving time courtesy of FlyLady’s Facebook page. This actually hit my inbox first in an email digest, and I’d been hoping I’d find it in some more convenient format. ūüôā Mind you, I don’t shine my sink because it’s not just my sink and I am not the sole keeper of all things domestic, no matter how much I resemble a stay-at-home daughter these days. I swear I’m in college! Just attending from home!

This story about Muslims standing in solidarity with Coptic Christians in Egypt was on my Whatnot list for Saturday until… well, until. But! It’s another week, and the story cycled through to me again somehow, thank you universe, so now I’m posting it.


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