Word count check-in!

Today’s overall progress:

And the percentage of words all in a row:

Things I have learned today:

— My main character is nineteen, not seventeen.
— The apprentice program is three years, not four.
— The romance has to begin by mid-book, and she’s got to start feeling funny about the hero by, oh, the 25K mark? I hope? That’s 1/3 down, ostensibly one year into the story.
— Dame schools run eight years, usually seven to fifteen; most kids have two to three years of specialized tutoring and enter their academic apprenticeships at eighteen or so. Jen is only a year behind. Fifteen is also old enough to begin training for a trade instead.
— Formal private education starts at ten (lower school, four years) and ends at eighteen (upper school, four years).
— I am pedantic.


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