[daily whatnot] 25 jan 2011

what the fucking fuck

Right. So, the rest of the world is damn well going to hear about this: Brisenia Flores, aged nine, was killed in Arizona pretty much for being Latina. Her last words, according to the article? “Why did you shoot my mom?” Break my heart some more, world. Break it but good.

on a lighter note

Steampunk Palin. h/t jesidres @ Twitter. Excuse me; going to die laughing now.

Something my university is doing that is slinkster-cool.

you’re cut off!

Week 3: As usual, Jenn’s a royal pain in the rear, and Hana’s her loyal patsy. The two of them have a hate-on for Nadia, who is far more patient with them than I would be. They try to extort cigarettes from her, threatening to go through her stuff if she doesn’t cough up. Jenn then dumps a cup of wine over the girl’s head. Lauren is embarrassed for all of them.

The girls get jobs working fast food. Best line ever goes to Aimee (“It’s hotter than a hooker’s panties out here”) while parading around in the sun in a giant hot dog costume. Hana gets promoted to manager and, aside from her vendetta against Nadia, doesn’t suck too much. At the end of the day, she’s upset on behalf of the people who normally do the work. “We’re not better than anyone,” she says. Of course she lashes out at Nadia, but Nadia’s a convenient target; she didn’t want to go out in the hot sun like a normal fast food worker.

Marissa tells Jenn not to go nuts with the drinking. Jenn, as usual, ignores her. I guess she’s been drunk pretty much the whole time, which is just sad. You’re slumming it, not in jail.

Conference with Laura: Nadia points out that Hana cussed at her. “Did I curse at you right away?” asks Hana. Well, it’s a start. Jenn mouths off when Laura tries to point out that Jenn’s kind of useless. Jenn justifies not doing her share of the work by pointing out that at least she’s still beautiful. Laura fails Nadia but tells her she’s still on the right track; Jenn flips Laura off. (Laura: “If you want to flip me off, do it from your own house.”) Hana fails for being overly aggressive as a manager. Jenn fails for being clueless and self-righteous about it. She pulls the Maury Defense (“You don’t really know me!”) and gets teary because Laura doesn’t see how precious these princesses are.

Jenn leaves the room, followed by Hana, who is actually worried. Nadia is worried about her personal safety sleeping in their room. Then Jenn loses it in spectacular, Hollywood-meltdown style.

Next week: THE RETURN OF TI-ERICA. YESSSSS. Aimee as VIP refuses to spend food money on cigarettes and the smokers revolt. Also, Jenn is drunk, but that’s par for the course.


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