[daily whatnot] 26 jan 2011


I watched the State of the Union address with my fellow #FOK-ers, including the K himself, Mister Keith Olbermann. Only over Twitter! I swear I didn’t hop a plane to New York! I haven’t had enough therapy for that!

Said sarking, just prior to the start:
Dad: “I wish my grandmother were here to see this [black POTUS].”
Mom: “She would have grabbed her chest and died.”

And I had to quote that.


This is what’s going on in Egypt right now.

Nominated for Best Documentary (Short Subject): The Warriors of Qiugang, a film about pollution in China.

“moment of hooah”

Seriously, that’s how Paul Rieckhoff put it in his tweet: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy. You really have to watch and listen at the same time.

my childhood and/or yours

Okay, a bit early for mine, but the show was still running in the eighties. [clears throat] The Electric Company does Spider-Man in a series of sketches.

file under draaaaaama

Cousins fight over online love and one runs the other over. Uh, ladies? Nobody needs to win an argument that badly. O.o

the weather outside

No longer frightening. Well, it wasn’t today. I went outside and cleared what I could off my Jezzie; there’s some ice that won’t budge, right between the wipers, and that’s driving me nuts! Then I tested her power locks. Guess what didn’t work again? Guess who’s going to need a jump before she goes anywhere? 🙂 Then I decided the weather was lovely enough for a walk. No, I didn’t bring my phone (lord, my hands would’ve frozen trying to take pictures).

Shower + lotion after, because wow, does Western New York know how to do winter itch.


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