[daily whatnot] 27 jan 2011

Short Whatnot today. I am tired, the family had less-than-awesome news about the Florida Uncle, and I am tired. Oh, did I say that twice?

oh em gee!

Nicki Clyne, who I know as Cally from BSG, has a blog!

Also, it’s Keith Olbermann’s birthday! He and my beloved are eleven months apart in age. Both are still fabulous, and yes, before you tell me so, dear, I am biased. 😉

I need to see this film.

ell oh ell

Via Paul Rieckhoff: I’ll take snow-covered lump for a thousand, Alex. Only, uh, no. I feel for that guy.

why i want a tubal part the umpteenth

Having a baby is potentially worse than having an abortion if you don’t want the pregnancy, says a Danish study. Duh. p.s. They selected for mentally bor– um, neurotypical people. Existing mental troubles jack up the risk for postpartum fuckery by something like fifty percent. Unfortunately, I do have good reason to know this. So the study is basically saying that in the best of the worst case scenarios, yeah, it’s better just to abort than to be pressured into raising an unwanted child. Again: duh.


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