[elsewhere in the universe] the art of non-conformity

What’s worth living for?

Chris Guillebeau @ The Art of Non-Conformity asks the question. I… may have an answer or thirty.

♥ love–family–warm cats on a cold day–quiet, intimate birthdays–cooking together–falling asleep under a string of blue fairy lights ♥

♥ food–good food–making good food from scratch–making comfort food from a tin or a jar–comfort food!–hot food–hot tea–chai tea inna saucepan–chai lattes foamed to perfection–a packet of shortbread cookies my love said was rubbish but which tasted quite good at 2 a.m.–eating crackers in bed together ♥

♥ color–blue–blue skies–red nails overlaid with peachy gold–green grass as far as the eye can see–gray and white and cream fur–bright pink fuzzy pyjamas–a purple bathroom–natural brownish-gold hair ♥

♥ hot baths–endless blankets–overstuffed down pillows–quiet music–lavender rising from the sheets–glow-in-the-dark stars winking down from the ceiling–moonlight peeking in through the curtains–sweet dreams ♥

Just to start.


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