[elsewhere in the universe] Words worth repeating

Wise words from La Lubu about inclusion and the blogosphere:

“The feminist blogosphere is: young, but not too young (25-35); mostly white (and of northern european extraction); middle to upper-middle class; highly educated (always degreed, usually grad school or law degree); able-bodied and healthy; non-religious (but typically with a Protestant or Jewish background); childfree by choice (also not a caretaker of an elderly or disabled adult); body size from thin to very thin; cisgender; heterosexual; conventionally feminine/pretty; fashionable; not employed in a nontraditional (>25% female participation) workforce; native English speaking (family of origin usually native English speaking also); non-indigenous and several generations removed from immigrant ancestors; raised in a nuclear family (either intact or divorced—but not “unwed” or extended family); lives in a large metropolis; favors capitalism; unmarried/unpartnered (meaning: no formal or legal ties of responsibility to a partner); never incarcerated (no family incarcerated either); and has plenty of personal contact with people in positions of actual power (gets invited to policymaking meetings/summits).”

Let’s see. How many of those boxes can I tick? Actually, a fair few. I’m 25, white (though we know nothing about my father’s mother’s background, I benefit from white privilege. Therefore, white), planning on grad school, not conventionally religious (but I write about Jesus sometimes), definitely childfree, still thin despite gaining ten pounds in a month*, cisgender, mostly heterosexual, femme as all-get-out, not high-fashion-savvy but not a disaster, half-native English speaker (but my mother is not), family of origin consists of Mum and Dad, unmarried and not legally bound to anyone, never incarcerated (in fact, Uncle Gene was once a prison guard), and if I don’t have contact with the beautiful people, I can probably get it if I really want.

And where, years ago, I would’ve whined about this quote (“but I’m a moderately disabled working-class rural half-German with socialist leanings!!!1!1!!” Self, shut up and work that unique angle), today I am satisfied to say that I am one lucky girl.

* My appetite is levelling off now that my body doesn’t think it’s starving anymore.


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