[52 weeks] “week” 3: piles

Laura’s challenge for Week 3 was to tackle piles, and I found that in the process of organizing my little gray bookshelf, I was forced to do just that. I had a pile of books relating to my schoolwork sitting on the table:

Piles of STUFF

That does NOT go there.

And I wanted them to go into the bookshelf:

Full bookshelf

Room? What room?

Which was not going to happen unless I made room. So!

1. What areas did you organize this week? That little gray bookshelf. I followed Laura’s steps. I removed everything…

Empty bookshelf

Empty but for the dust bunnies

…and dusted it off. The poor thing really needed dusting. I was left with several piles of books, which I found homes around the house. Four of them will be sold as a set, actually: the first three Series of Unfortunate Events books and the Lemony Snicket bio. Then I put the things I need back into the space and moved some of my stuff off my desk.

2. Were you happy with what you accomplished or disappointed? Explain.

The finished bookshelf

VERY HAPPY. It’s functional now. My pile is gone. I have more room on my desk. Ten on ten!

3. What types of piles would you like to get under control?

I always pile up clothes I’ve worn once but haven’t soiled; I need to start hanging them somewhere. I’m just not sure where. I also have piles of books yet to sort into sell-keep-Goodwill categories. One step at a time!


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