Revenge of the Style Diary!

The blue sweater and flowered skirt, revisited:

Blue sweater, flowered skirt, and a DIY belt

Now with added belt!

I felt a bit stumpy in the outfit last time, but I also knew that taking in the skirt at the waist would only make it uncomfortable later, and I am not a good enough seamstress to play with that hem. Someone suggested I add a belt for the illusion of longer legs, and I decided that was the way to go.

I also decided to make my own belt. Most belts are sized much larger than I am (!) and I wanted a piece that would fit and flatter me, not Ms. Average. I thought it’d be much harder than it was. All I had to do was pick up a spool of “leather” and a couple of D-rings at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I folded one end over, to give me a long finished end, and made a teensy little loop to hold the end down.

So for less than five bucks, I have a skinny black belt I can use in other outfits. Shiny.

I still look a touch stumpy, and I felt very formal wearing this to the mall on a Saturday afternoon, but it wouldn’t be out of place in an office or at church.


6 thoughts on “Revenge of the Style Diary!

  1. You look wonderful! If you’re wanting to fight the stumpy (and, boy, do I know what that’s like), you may consider a low heel. I think you’d only need a half-inch to an inch tall heel. Of course, the success of that depends on how your ankles and knees take to such things.

  2. Hey! Try wearing a simple ballet flat with no tights or leggings- that’ll super elongate you!! Nice to hear from you!

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