[30 days] day 2: culling the closet

This is what I wrote:

This was the prompt I needed to do some painful culling. I was hanging on to things for sentimental value (and, um, in case they ever fit again). I have kept two skirts that pinch a bit, but they’re incredible skirts on me, and I’m working hard to tone my belly to eliminate that pinch. Sometimes it’s the clothes and sometimes it really is just me!

So my Goodwill bag is full and needs to go out to the car, I am looking to sell one gown on consignment, and I am going to donate one to my alma mater’s theatre department. Good day’s work. 🙂

And this is what I’m talking about:

At left: two dresses for sale; at top: bag of Goodwill stuff


2 thoughts on “[30 days] day 2: culling the closet

  1. I am gnashing my teeth something fierce, because I know so many beautiful women and have so many things I would like to give them! I wish I had a magic wand so I could go “presto change-o” and make copies of that dress in anyone’s measurements. It is really a gorgeous piece.

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