[30 days] day 3: utensils

Today’s task: spending time with a utensil drawer. I chose the tiny, crammed-full one with a piece missing so we couldn’t get it open easily:

Jumble! Horrible, horrible jumble! So I took it all out and put it on the table in the sunroom:

Some things I tossed, but I managed to find uses and alternate homes for a lot of it. Bonus? Dad saw what I was doing and decided to fix the drawer, since we had the broken bit. So now it’s a working drawer!

All done! Much thanks to Laura at I’m an Organizing Junkie for the PROCESS acronym, specifically the C: “Containerize”. Because yes, the stuff in that drawer is both nicer to look at and easier to find if I put it in plastic bins. (Left to right: cookie cutters, napkin rings [full set of 6], molds.)


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