[52 weeks] “week” 4: surprise!kitchen stuff

Much to my surprise, prompted by this morning’s 30×5 work, Mum started sorting through the spices! So we have sort of a system in place, but we’re only really making do.

Then, just for kicks, we did the cabinet directly below. No before shots; this was too spontaneous.

1. Were you able to tackle one of your piles last week? It was kind of inevitable. Now I’m trying to keep things from piling back up. Thinking of piles as decisions that need to be made helps.

2. Did you have to make some tough choices? Not really. By the time I tackled each pile, I was ready to deal with what was in it.

3. Have you had a chance to put any of the tips from my book, Clutter Rehab, into practice yet? You know, I really should get my hands on a copy.


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