Thursday’s moment of calm

Tai Chi this morning. When I saw it in the church bulletin, I thought, “Oh, lord, I’ll be exhausted at ten in the morning,” but since I’ve had to get up earlier twice already this week, I was fully awake by nine. I made my bed, got dressed, put on some nice, springlike makeup (lots of gentle pink), and headed out.

I didn’t know what to expect–I had only gotten up to Tiger Pushes the Mountain in my last class–so I was pleasantly surprised to find that the instructor had learned with my last instructor, Barb. After we went through the whole thing once, the instructor took Linda and me back to work on the basics while Jane led the others through the rest. I was barefoot, in order to feel the ground better, and it took some time to shift my brain into “solid, upright, not a pushover” from “dancing on air”. I had to come down to the ground where I’m used to flitting around, you know?

Having done this, I feel centered, calm, and relaxed. My legs will hurt like anything for a bit, but I think that’s a sign I’m helping myself. It’s every Thursday at the Schnacky, $20 a month, a small, comfortable group of women (I am the youngest by about a quarter-century). Next time, I wear something that won’t slip off at the shoulders, though!


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