Increasingly frequent Whatnot

In honor of the impending Bloodening, I give you:

1951’s “Growing Girls”, courtesy of the British Film Institute. Really, their whole YouTube channel is the good crack, but this film actually gave me the warm fuzzies. I think it was the sight of little Mary reading by the fire in jammies and socks. It’s far too hot here to think of a fire, but I think a little pampering might be contrived. 🙂


Amilia Rait Ibid on the problem of modesty. Namely, the problem of touting it as a surefire rape preventative. If anyone knows when Rochester, NY is having a SlutWalk, do tell me! I’d like to march.

Here is a woman whose hot fleshy thighs resemble mine. Three cheers for body love!

And this is Margarita Tartakovsky, MS, on seven vital types of self-care.


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