Sorta weekly Whatnot!

Ten psychological states I supposedly had never heard of before this io9 article. I realise popular media is exactly that, and what should I expect from Gawker’s affiliates, anyway? But dysphoria? Surely mixed states aren’t that freakish, says the woman who is coping with one right now. And I distinctly remember learning about sublimation in middle school health class.


In honor of tonight’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann premiere on Current: Keith on Tim Russert. He used to go to them and say, “Leave him alone, we can handle the blowback, I’ll take care of it.” After he died, Maureen, his wife, told me that she used to have to wrest the channel-changer away from him every night, because he loved to watch the show. She said, “You deal with this all day and you have to watch it again?” He said, “I have to see what he’s saying about it, it’s the best.”

Is it 8pm yet?


I would link to the Huffington Post’s spotlight on Desmond Tutu, specifically his views on QUILTBAG inclusiveness in religion, except that the Huffington Post has sold out. Literally. So instead, have a gander at the Union of Huffington Post Writers and Bloggers.

But Tutu’s views are really very cool, so check them out at Pam’s House Blend instead.

And don’t forget: It’s OK To Be Takei.


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