(archived thoughts on god)

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are Thy ways higher than Your ways, and My thoughts higher than Your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

I think there is comfort not only in the unknowable, but in the unknown.

If we don’t know and we can’t know, we can let go and focus on what we do know. What we can learn. All the wonders we can accomplish, all the things we can create.

. . .

I’m still drawn to the message of love sent by Jesus Christ, but I have little taste for those who presume to interpret its significance in my life. If it’s at all possible to be a solitary Christian, I’d like to try — I can make my own study of Scripture and evaluate how well it holds up against the message of love. Love is the law. Love is the first and last law. If it is not loving, I have no room for it in my practice.


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