Sporadic Whatnot

I’m happy to announce that the incredible No One Is Safe, by the even more incredible Katherine Wirick, is a smash hit–and you can have your very own copy for $95, provided you act fast.

Sometimes io9 has cool stuff: Is the rise of wearable electronics finally here?

Cranky Fitness is much more of a sure bet. Way back in 2007, Crabby McSlacker asked a question that’s still relevant four years later: WTF Happened? Apparently Health used to be a decent women’s health magazine (i.e. what it said on the tin). Who knew?

Being personally pro-life and childfree happens to other people, too. The Religious Reich has a lot to answer for, and quite a lot of it these days involves making up to women for the attempted hijacking of their choices. It’s one thing to decide, for oneself, that abortion would suck donkey balls. It’s quite another to have that decision imposed upon you. Especially when bearing the child in question would actually be worse.

Speaking of my own personal crazy: I am brave. And if you have been through the things I have, or anything like them, so are you.

I leave you with a snapshot of my current relationship to food. I am having to go there in a huge way, no pun intended. My ass went from a 0 to a 6/7 in five months, and this is me at a healthy weight. I am still getting used to my new shape.


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