This week’s Whatnot

I begin by linking you to A Monday in Oslo, written by the brilliant Camilla Sandman. If you read nothing else in this post, please read this.

Well, and this: To everyone who has been affected by the tragedies in Oslo and Utøya, I extend my love and sorrow. I applaud your courage and your refusal to bow to this terrorist. The example you are setting the rest of the world is one we ought to take to heart.

Your regularly scheduled programming:

pass it along

mysteri@LJ gets inspiration from her own plea for a graphing calculator and decides to hold a virtual drive for her town. In her words: “I live in a very small rural town. Our Population is about 800 max. It used to have a lumber mill that employed a lot of people. That shut down before we even moved here and the town has not recovered. We are within 30-45 miles of a big city and some people work there. Sadly people lost those jobs to. There are a lot of people that are down on their luck. . . My son only needs one calculator. I was wondering though if those who offered would still be willing to send them. I will then donate them to the school. They have some but don’t have the funds to have anywhere near enough to use in all the math classes. I was thinking if they had a few more maybe they would even be able to let the kids check one out overnight if they were not able to finish in class and could not afford their own.”

What say you, dear readers?

i wish i were surprised

Cenk Uygur gets the sack. I’m not his biggest fan, but I don’t remember hearing any major scandals about him–what can he have done wrong? Just been himself?

I will say that I could barely sit through fifteen minutes of Morning Joe with my mother. I don’t know how she does it. They’re all so smug on that show.

silly questions

Can a boy wear a skirt to school? Hell, YES.


The CDC came out with a vaccine price list. I just about hit the roof when I saw how much one dose of Gardasil costs. Good grief, Merck. Go see for yourself what you might need, and what the drug companies are charging your doctors.

Before I read FEED and DEADLINE, this was not nearly as awesome: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse. The hilarious part is that bits of those books are set in the CDC. What, you haven’t read them yet? Go! Buy? Please?

What are you doing on World Hepatitis Day?

and happiness

I leave you with a joke, courtesy of Incongruous Circumspection:

The lawyer stood over the plaintiff and asked him to answer his question. “Did you or did you not tell the patrolman at the scene of the accident that you were fine. In fact, your exact words were, I’m fine!?”

The plaintiff began to speak. “You see, I was loading my favorite donkey, Bessie into my trailer that morning…”

“I asked a yes or no question. Did you say I’m fine to the patrolman at the scene of the accident?!!”, the lawyer retorted.

The plaintiff kept going. “I got Bessie into the trailer and began to drive down the road.”

The lawyer cut the plaintiff off again and turned to the judge, begging him to make the plaintiff answer the yes or no question. The judge, now interested in the donkey story told the plaintiff to continue.

“Thank you, your honor. As I was saying, I was driving down the road and was crossing an intersection when this big semi blew the stop sign and broadsided me. I ended up in one ditch and Bessie in the other. I was pretty hurt but heard Bessie groaning and moaning on the other side of the road. The patrolman arrived and looked at me but also heard Bessie. So, he went over to the other side of the road to check on her. I heard him looking around and then he shot her to put her out of her misery. Then, the next thing I knew, here he was, standing over me, holding his gun and asked how I was doing. What the heck would you say???!!!”

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