Huh. Undiscovered berserk button.

Apparently I am now all about women having children whenever they please, regardless of socioeconomic status. I mean, I’ve always been keen on women not having children if they don’t want them, but now I am very much “…and if you want one, and you’re not going to seriously damage yourself or said kid, sure, go ahead!”

Also, it is SELFISH to have a child if you haven’t bought the right house and are Stressed. Um? I know at least three awesome mums here on LJ who would be childless right now if that were the case. Ladies! Shit hits the fan. Since I know this from knowing actual mothers (oh, but they’re not comfortably middle-class; is that where I went wrong?) and, um, having been a child of a family where the shit most definitely hit the fan, it’s not illogical for me to throw out the whole “Wait for the right time” shtick. The “right time” does not last. Stress is part of parenting. You could well be better equipped to parent if you’re used to operating under massive stress; far less of a shock, isn’t it?

Also also, not all of us are up on the same hipster cultural memes, so we don’t recognize the latest SNL quote and therefore cannot tell you are joking when you say you want a baby NOW.

For the record, my body is still a total junker when it comes to the whole baby thing. Intentionally rendering myself sterile is one thing (and totally on my wish list, please, universe?) but I pretty much don’t have a choice. Still. Unless I quit most of my meds, because I really don’t think the literature exists that covers what to do if Mummy’s on two benzos, an antidepressant, and just for kicks, a first-generation antihistamine. Being a walking risk for postpartum fuckery? Let me tell you how much that rocks! So please understand, well-meaning but ultimately snotty as fuck wanna-breed chickie, when it comes to waiting for JUST THE RIGHT FUCKING TIME, maybe you should get in line behind people whose ENTIRE BODIES are hostile to the prospect.

(Brought to you by my distaste for starting flame wars. This is me venting somewhere safe.)

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