No, she really is just a douche.

Woman from yesterday kept smacking people down for offering any opinion other than “Oh, poor you, they didn’t understand your ~humor~”. I PM’d her and told her she was really sounding angry about things, and did she maybe need to talk to someone?

She replies, both to me and in public (hello, there are reasons I keep things in PM) that she had a good laugh over that and was really fine. So I don’t know what the deal is with her, but I’ve stuck her on Ignore and there she will remain. Last I checked, FJ didn’t eat its own (we’re not fandom_wank) so her behavior is totally inappropriate, but I’m not a mod and it’s not my place to do anything about it.

[eta: And then she says, “I was tempted to post the PM with the author’s name removed, but we shouldn’t make a habit of that.” Well, fuck, the point of PMing you was to prevent a flame war, but if you want one, I have all week. And no, not “shame on me” for being more up on my Python than my SNL. Fuck the assumption that a) we’re all Americans here har-dee-har! and b) we all find the same shit funny. Your initial post fell flat and now you’re blaming us for trying to show you a little compassion. Maybe you shouldn’t reproduce after all.]


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